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Bomb Energy Drink is Canada’s fastest growing, best tasting, premium energy drink. Bomb is available in 250 ml cans in over 4000 convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores across Canada. A BIB (bag-In-box) format is available for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and event venues. This unique flagship product is a syrup alternative that provides the same great flavor of Bomb Energy Drink at less than half the cost of any energy drink available in cans. If you own or operate a convenience store, gas station, restaurant, bar or retail or hospitality venue that wants to offer Canadian made Bomb Energy Drink to your patrons, please contact us today. Can’t find Bomb Energy Drink in your area? Bomb is available for purchase online or ask your local Store Manager to carry Bomb Energy Drink.

PHONE : 1-407-227-2164


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