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One of our colleagues recently dropped off a package containing some Bomb Energy Drink for us to try. Having never heard of it, we were amazed to learn it’s a 100% Canadian product from a company out in Hamilton.

The company has been in operation for several years now, and an appearance on CBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2014 helped propel the company. Distribution on the product has certainly not reached the Toronto market yet – with only one location in the downtown core that sells them, meanwhile Mississauga, Hamilton and even the Maritimes are well served.

All that said, we’ve tried a lot of energy drinks, and Bomb Energy Drink is probably the best one we’ve had in a long while. Bomb Energy Drink admittedly tastes like other energy drinks, but has one distinct and powerful feature – being a tiny bit more tart. This additional tartness made it drink a lot nicer to be honest, sort of the difference between a Corona and a Corona with a wedge of lime. This slight, but powerful difference also had us noticing the lack of medicinal aftertaste. We immediately tried a competitor product to see if we were just making it up, but we certainly felt Bomb tasted cleaner than the competitor.



Bomb is available in many retailers across Canada, and hopefully soon in Toronto. They will also be featured on Dragons’ Den TONIGHT (January 28th) doing a follow up piece on what their last year has been like since being on Dragons’ Den. To celebrate that, we have a giveaway where you can win a Bomb Energy Drink Prize Pack! Just enter the contest below!

Bomb Energy Drink cans sell for between $1.50 and $2 in retailers across the country.


By  April 25, 2015
Originally posted: Jan 28, 2015